depression treatment Ventura

depression treatment Ventura

About half of Americans who suffer from a substance use disorder (SUD) grapple with mental health issues. At the same time, a significant percentage of people with mental health issues are also diagnosed with SUD. Often, individuals with mental health disorders turn to alcohol or drugs to self-medicate and escape difficult emotions. Long-term excessive use of alcohol or drugs affects the brain chemistry, making one susceptible to anxiety and mood disorders.

In addiction treatment, dual diagnosis refers to a situation in which a person has symptoms of mental health illness and SUD. At Enlight Treatment Center, we offer depression treatment in Ventura as part of our premier dual diagnosis program. Residents in this program receive unsurpassed depression and anxiety treatment for adults in California.

Our Depression Treatment, Philosophy, Approach, and Attitude on Addiction

Only a fraction of people with co-occurring disorders receive treatment for both issues. Many only get assistance for their substance abuse problem, which leaves them fighting mental health issues that eventually lead them back to using. On the other hand, others only get help for mental health disorders, but as they keep using drugs or alcohol, their risk of developing mood and anxiety issues remains high.

At Enlight Treatment Center, we acknowledge the fact that in a dual diagnosis case, it’s futile to treat one condition and overlook the other. Therefore, we simultaneously address co-occurring disorders to increase the chances of a successful recovery.

As a leading residential anxiety treatment center, we have a team of highly trained addiction treatment specialists with experience in treating both mental health and substance use disorders.

Before treatment commences, we first conduct a thorough evaluation to identify the different disorders involved. We will also seek to understand how substance use and mental health are related in each case. With this knowledge, we'll create highly individualized treatment plans to address each guest's specific recovery needs.

Our inpatient anxiety treatment in California gives you ample time to consult professionals as you work through drug or alcohol abuse and accompanying mental health disorders.

During your time at our facility, you’ll benefit from individual counseling and group therapy sessions. As California’s best anxiety treatment center, we know that while medication is useful for drug or alcohol addiction and mental health conditions, therapy is also vital for lasting recovery.

As such, we prioritize group sessions to battle depression, anxiety, and other co-occurring mood disorders. Peer support enables individuals experiencing these conditions to realize they’re not alone and they can overcome their negative feelings. We group guests dealing with similar issues together so they can share and encourage one another.

Comprehensive Treatment for Lasting Recovery

If you’re looking for an exclusive rehab in California where you’ll get help for your co-occurring disorder, we’re a great fit for you. At Enlight Treatment Center, we address underlying issues related to substance abuse using top-of-the-line treatment modalities. Our depression treatment in Ventura is second to none and is offered by the finest addiction treatment specialists. If you are ready for addiction to be a thing of the past, get the help you need today. Contact Enlight Treatment Center for affordable luxury drug and alcohol rehab in Ventura County, CA: 1-866-604-0727.

depression treatment Ventura
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depression treatment Ventura
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