Kratom Powder

Kratom Powder

Kratom Powder: Which Strain is Right for You

In Southeast Asia grows a tropical shrub that botanists call Mitragyna speciosa. People who use the plant call it Kratom. Native to Thailand and Malaysia, Kratom also thrives in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. In more recent years, Westerners have been discovering the bountiful


Kratom powder derived from Indonesian plants offers mood elevation at small doses and exponential sedation at higher doses. White Indo strains are among the most energetic and mood enhancing of all kratom powder. Aficionados also note that Indo provides longer lasting effects than some other strains.


This all-around beneficial strain is one of the most popular kratom powders on the small online market today. Bali kratom is a best seller.  

Although not FDA approved to treat anything, kratom powder is said by many to have beneficial effects.