Medical Answering Service

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Medical Answering Service

If your medical facility is searching for an affordable medical answering service to free up more of your time, you can rest assured that CADUSYS is able to meet your needs. Clients and their patients both prefer CADUSYS over other solutions for a variety of reasons.

Since 1988, the CADUSYS medical answering service has been the go-to solution in the greater Cincinnati and northern Kentucky region and is now available nationwide to any doctor’s office interested in managing their incoming calls with more efficiency. Using CADUSYS completely eliminates all of the negative aspects of using an operator-assisted answering service. Just a few of the numerous problems that CADUSYS addresses include:

- Wasted time that your patients spend on hold
- An unprofessional or less than favorable experience, which ultimately reflects on the physician
- The inability to manage more than one incoming call at a time
- Inappropriate medical decision-making by nonmusical personnel
- Cost, through saving the customer one third to one half of the cost versus another answering service
- Information sharing that is less than convenient. Through CADUSYS, physicians can share information with a non-urgent status.
- Sharing patient information with practice associates
- Flow of information between consultant and referring physicians

CADUSYS is HIPAA compliant; you will control the password and data is never accessible without it, even by CADUSYS. So you and your patients can feel secure knowing that information is safeguarded by a system that had your most pressing issues in mind when it was designed. In fact, the CADUSYS voice mail platform was designed to be specifically used in the medical profession, and uses a variety of features that address the unique needs of everyday medical communications, including:

- Unique message notifications for pager, land-based or cell
- System is completely programmable to accommodate a range of schedules, with no special equipment needed on your part.
- There is never any user programming required, and since programming is pre-set, the user need only select from a set of pre-defined conditions.
- Complete touch-tone user interfacing for the ultimate in user-friendly features
- ISDN lines are extremely fast!
- Interruptible menus make using even easier for clients
- Customers appreciate the transparent housekeeping of CADUSYS that automatically occurs without any interruption of service

CADUSYS is not only geared toward meeting your medical answering service needs, it’s also one of the most affordable services on the market today. They understand every practice is different, and will work with you to customize a physician service plan that provides you with the highest level of value. Take a look at the affordability of CADUSYS:

- $35 monthly - 200 minutes
- $39 monthly - 300 minutes
- $43 monthly - 400 minutes
- $47 monthly - 500 minutes
- $51 monthly - 600 minutes

Can you afford to go another month without the CADUSYS medical answering service that is going to change everything about how you interact with your patients? For more information, feel free to call CADUSYS Professional Voice Messaging today at 888-223-8797. One of their experts will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Medical Answering Service