What is Kratom?

Mitragyna speciosa (Kratom), some consider it to be a Miracle Plant to Replace Aspirin, opiates and coffee. Kratom Could Potentially be a Safer Alternative to OTC Medications and their Side Effects,  not to mention all the other benefits of this amazing All Natural Plant From Southeast Asia. Buy Natural Meds Kratom is harvested in the jungles of southeast Asia from the strongest mature trees (up to 70ft. tall) where the leaves are then harvested responsibly and ground into a fine powder. The benefit of harvesting from strong mature trees is the high alkaloid content. Alkaloids are a class of nitrogenous organic compounds of plants that have pronounced physiological actions on humans.

What is the difference between kratom colors?

Green Kratom is more suitable for daytime use with a well balanced feeling it provides.

Red Kratom is great for a relaxing evening and has been known to be popular among labor workers and athletes an all around great healer.

White Kratom has the ability to provide long-lasting energy and is known to be comparable to your morning cup of coffee, increases work productivity and focus.

When does each order ship?

Each order ships out same business day of ordering before 3pm CST.

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Immediately after ordering you can share with your friends.  When your friends sign up, each of you instantly receive $5 off your order for EACH referral.

Who are we?

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What’s the difference between each product?

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