Kratom Extract 70% MIT


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This Kratom Salt Extract is batched and tested for Mitragynine content which ranges 70% MIT and higher; it is a nearly flavorless and odorless salt extract. It's an excellent alternative to traditional powder and contains a full spectrum of alkaloids.  Unlike kratom powder, extracts are more concentrated and contain higher levels of active alkaloids - providing potent, long-lasting effects without the need to use large amounts of traditional kratom products. It can be hard to find reputable vendors employing good practices that ensure a safe, positive experience with each use. Buynaturameds.com has been in business serving USA customers for 7 years and tens of thousands of customers.  Enhancing mood, boosting energy, and providing a sense of well-being are just some of the many benefits of consuming kratom extract. BNM offers the best wholesale kratom extract on the market for rock bottom prices. If interested in wholesale kratom extract purchases of one kilo or more we can offer competitive pricing and even place contractual agreements to maintain certain volumes if needing 20 kilos or more per month to guarantee you never run out for your own brand.

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